St. Peter Design
and Drafting Services

St. Peter Lumber Company brings your design from dream to design to done. Whatever idea you have in mind, we can draw it and make it happen. Whether you have a vision for the perfect cabinet knob or an entire room, our team will use advanced software to meticulously draw your ideas in detail. These drawings are scaled, include measurements and dimensions, and are done in different angles, and broken down into smaller details. We recognize that no two customers are exactly the same, so we take the time to understand their needs and make a unique drawn out plan for you.

St. Peter Lumber Company can create a floor plan for an entire house. We incorporate our best products into each element from countertops to cabinets to tile. We will review each aspect of the plan with you and tweak it until it matches your vision and budget. If you’re ready to bring your dreams to life, schedule an appointment to develop your design today.

Design and Drafting Services