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Tools and Hardware

January 2, 2018

We have many supplies for your home building and maintenance projects. For your plumbing needs we have copper and PVC pipe and fittings, faucets, valves, sink and toilet fittings, drain cleaning tools, toilet repair kits, PVC J hooks, pipe wrenches, torch kits, propane tanks, caulk, shower heads, and more. In our electrical department we offer outlets, outlet cover plates, outlet boxes, junction boxes, access fittings, switches and dimmers, switch plates, indoor and outdoor conduit, assorted wire, interior and exterior light fixtures, light bulbs, wire nuts, crimps, tools, and more. We have many lawn and garden supplies as well, including shovels, hoes, spades, rakes, hand tools, insecticides, sprayers, repellents, grass seed, weed killer, weed shield, hoses, sprinklers, and wheel barrows. Our hardware department carries a complete line of fasteners for wood, metal and concrete. We also carry many power tools by Milwaukee and Bosch as well as a wide variety of hand tools.

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